LUND 120111 Pro-Line™ Lower Door Panel Carpet

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Heavy-duty nylon carpet that is pressure formed for exact fit in your vehicle.
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Sold As2 PC SET
YearMakeModelBody Type
1973-1974ChevroletC10 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCC15/C1500 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974ChevroletC20 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCC25/C2500 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974ChevroletC30 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCC35/C3500 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974ChevroletK10 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCK15/K1500 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974ChevroletK20 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCK25/K2500 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974ChevroletK30 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCK35/K3500 PickupStandard Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletC10Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCC15Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletC20Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCC25Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletC30Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCC35Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletK10Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCK15Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletK20Standard Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCK25Standard Cab Pickup
1977-1986ChevroletK30Standard Cab Pickup
1977-1978GMCK35Standard Cab Pickup
1979-1986GMCC1500Standard Cab Pickup
1979-1986GMCC2500Standard Cab Pickup
1979-1986GMCC3500Standard Cab Pickup
1979-1986GMCK1500Standard Cab Pickup
1979-1986GMCK2500Standard Cab Pickup
1979-1986GMCK3500Standard Cab Pickup
1987ChevroletR10Standard Cab Pickup
1987ChevroletR20Standard Cab Pickup
1987ChevroletR30Standard Cab Pickup

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