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Lund 300049 Lund EZ Running Board Bracket Kit for 1992-2000 Chevrolet & GMC C/K 1500-3500 with Crew Cab; 1992-1999 Suburban

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Feature heavy duty U channel steel construction. Custom fit molding kits for each application. Most are no-drill. Recommended for running boards with backlip.

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YearMakeModelBody Type
1992-2000ChevroletC1500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-1999GMCC1500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-2000ChevroletC2500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-2000GMCC2500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-2000ChevroletC3500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-2000GMCC3500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-1999ChevroletK1500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-1999GMCK1500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-2000ChevroletK2500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-2000GMCK2500Crew Cab Pickup
1992-2000ChevroletK3500Crew Cab Pickup
1995-1999ChevroletSuburban 1500
1992-2000GMCK3500Crew Cab Pickup

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