LUND 400001 Catch-All™ Xtreme Floor Mat - Front, 2-Piece Set

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LUND's Catch-All Vinyl floor liners provide all-weather protection along with a sleek look and feel as the perfect solution to your floor liner needs. LUND's Catch-All Vinyl floor liners, engineered to last a lifetime, feature a custom-molded design that fits your vehicle perfectly for full coverage and a factory-installed look. Anchors secure your floor liners so they stay right where you place them. Plus, integrated grommets mate to factory floor liners posts. Reinforced molded edges prevent distortion and waviness giving you the best fitting protection. Cleans easily: simply rinse with garden hose

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More Information
ConfigurationTwo Piece
Universal Or Specific FitSpecific
Non Slip BackingNo
Cutting RequiredNo
YearMakeModelSub-ModelBody TypeFitment Position
1988-1999ChevroletC1500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletC1500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCC1500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCC1500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletC2500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCC2500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCC2500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletC3500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletC3500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCC3500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCC3500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletK1500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletK1500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCK1500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCK1500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletK2500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletK2500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCK2500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCK2500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletK3500Extended Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletK3500Standard Cab PickupFront
1988-1999GMCK3500Extended Cab PickupFront
1992-2000ChevroletC1500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-1999GMCC1500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000ChevroletC2500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000GMCC2500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000ChevroletC3500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000GMCC3500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-1999ChevroletK1500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-1999GMCK1500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000ChevroletK2500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000GMCK2500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000ChevroletK3500Crew Cab PickupFront
1992-2000GMCK3500Crew Cab PickupFront
1988-1999ChevroletC2500Standard Cab PickupFront
1995-2000ChevroletSuburban 1500Front
1988-1999GMCK3500Standard Cab PickupFront
2000ChevroletSuburban 2500Front

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